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Pueraria Phaseoloides Seeds

Pueraria Phaseoloides Seeds

We are a trusted name as Producer, Exporter & Supplier of 100% certified Organic Pueraria Phaseoloides Seeds that produce a promising forage crop and cover crop used in the tropics. The crop is closely related to other species in the genus Pueraria and it is crossable with the other species of Pueraria. P. phaseoloides is indigenous from east or from southeast Asia. Today is been introduced and naturalized in a broad range of other wet tropical environments: Africa, Americas and Australia. Preferentially P. phaseoloides is growing in ruderal situations, like in plantation of cocoa or banana, at low altitudes (often under 600 metres above sea level) in wet evergreen or monsoon forests. P. phaseoloides is capable to growth in a large soil spectrum. Acid soils are not a problem and the pH tolerance is between 4.3 and 8. P. phaseoloides is a deep rooting perennial herb, building a subtuberus. This device allows to resist waterlogged soils and short periods of drought. The aboveground structure can grow up to 30 cm at day and often the steams can reach 20 m of elongation.[3] P. phaseoloides is a twiner and climb over other plants or anthropogenic objects. The leaves are large trifoliate typical for Leguminosae. The single leaflets can have an oval or triangular shape. Their dimensions can varying from 2 x 2 cm to 20 x 15 cm.[4] The growing season go from early spring to late fall in the subtropics and the year round in the tropics. Flowers are typical for the Fabales order. The color range from mauve to purple and the dimension are small and disposed in scattered pairs on a raceme. Mature pods of P. phaseoloides show a black color and hair coat. They are straight or slightly curved and can be sized from 4 to 11 cm. Each pod contains 10 – 20 seeds. This has a particular squarish form, with rounded corner (3 x 2 mm) and has also a black or brown color.


Brand Name JDG
Place Of Origin Neemuch
Usage In Tropics
Dimensions 2 x 2 cm to 20 x 15 cm.
Size It can be from 4 to 11 cm
Produced Forage crop and cover crop