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Organic Shatavari Root (Organic Asparagus Racemosus Roots)

Organic Shatavari Root (Organic Asparagus Racemosus Roots)

Details :

  • Trade Name : Shatavar Roots, Satawar Roots
  • Botanical Name : Asparagus Racemosus Roots
  • English Name : Indian Asparagus, Hundred Roots , Asparagus Roots


Asparagus racemosus  is an important plant in traditional medicine in tropical and subtropical India. Its medicinal usage has been reported in the Indian and  British Pharmacopoeias  and in traditional systems of medicine such as  Ayurveda,  Unani  and  Siddha. The roots are used in  Ayurvedic medicine, following a regimen of processing and drying. It is generally used as a uterine tonic, as a  galactogogue  (to improve breast milk), in hyperacidity, and as a best general health tonic.

Asparagamine A, a  polycyclic  alkaloid  was isolated from the dried roots and subsequently synthesized to allow for the construction of analogs. Two new  steroidal  saponins,  shatavaroside A  and  shatavaroside B  together with a known saponin,  filiasparoside C, were isolated from the roots of  Asparagus racemosus. Five steroidal saponins, shatavarins VI-X, together with five known saponins, shatavarin I (or asparoside B), shatavarin IV (or asparinin B), shatavarin V, immunoside and schidigerasaponin D5 (or asparanin A), have been isolated from the roots of  Asparagus racemosus.


Brand Name JDG
Place Of Origin Neemuch
English,Sanskrit ,Hindi & Family Name Asparagus,Sharavari, Ghatwal, Satawar, Satmuli,Liliaceae
Usage For the treatment of stiffness in the joints
Root Refrigerant, demulcent, diuretic, aphrodisiac, anti-diuretic, anti-dysenteric and galactagogue