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Organic Arjuna Barks (Organic Terminalia Arjuna)

Organic Arjuna Barks (Organic Terminalia Arjuna)

Details :

  • Common Name : Arjuna
  • Other Name : Arjuna
  • Botanical Name : Terminalia Arjuna.


Terminalia arjuna is an ayurvedic plant with important medicinal value. It is commonly known as Arjuna, Indradru, Partha and Veeravriksha which is belongs to Combretaceae family comprising of nearly 200 species distributed around the world. Nearly 24 species of Terminalia have been reported from various parts of India, some selected species are T. arjuna, Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia bialata, Terminalia catappa, Terminalia elliptica, Terminalia porphyrocarpa, Terminalia mantaly etc.

In India, T. arjuna is about 60–80 feet in height, buttressed trunk and horizontally spreading crown and drooping branches distributed in India, Burma, Mauritius and Sri Lanka Arjuna bark was considered to be the most important constituent from the medicinal point of view, initially reported that the bark had 34% ash content consisting entirely of pure calcium carbonate. Aqueous extract of T. arjuna is reported to have 23% calcium salts and 16% tannins. Organic extracts of T. arjuna bark were also prepared using the sequential methods with a number of organic solvents such as hexane, benzene, chloroform, acetone, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, butanol, ethanol, methanol and ether, etc., to extract various phytochemical constituents. The chemical structures of available compounds were confirmed by various advanced techniques like HPLC, UPLC, LC-ESI-MS/MS analysis   and  Polyphenols, flavonoids, tannins, triterpenoids, saponins, sterols and minerals are the major constituents of T. arjuna. Such amino acids like tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine and cysteine are also the main ingredients in Terminalia arjuna.