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Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

Mucuna Bracteata Seeds

As Producer, Exporter & Supplier, we deal in 100% certified Organic Mucuna Bracteata Seeds, which yield a leguminous plant. It is a nitrogen-regulating plant that is used in agroecosystems, operating around certain types of agricultural plant systems such as rubber trees, oil palm, citrus and coconut. M. Bracteate is a cover crop, which helps to cover and shield the soil from weeds or plants, as well as providing rapid growth for existing agricultural crops, preventing soil erosion, and providing nitrogen fixation. The Mucuna bracteata crop grows about 10–15 cm/day in conditions similar to those that rubber and palm oil plants thrive in. Mucuna bracteata grows in a warm and humid ecosystem, at a temperature of about 20-35 degrees Celsius, and consistent annual rainfall. The seed of the legume of the Mucuna bracteata weighs about 90–190 mg each. This seed, as it is a legume, provides health benefits on its own, individually, for direct consumption. The foliage of the plant creates a shade covering over the soil it occupies, having a height of approximately 30–50 cm off the ground. This plant is a creeping type that grows rapidly and controls weed population in planted area. With a release of leave foliage, the plant provides good mulching and composting properties to the soil surrounding it.


Brand Name JDG
Place Of Origin Neemuch
Usage In agroecosystems
Growing Size About 10-15cm
Temprature 20-35 degrees Celsius
Height approximately 30–50 cm