Indian Dill Seeds (Anithum Sowa)

Product Description

We are a well-established Indian Dill Seeds (Anithum Sowa) producer and supplier in India. Our range of Indian Dill Seeds is high on demand in the market. These seeds are pure and manufactured under hygienic conditions. Customers can be eased with the availability of Indian Dill Seeds are priced affordably.

Details :
  • English Name : Indian Dill, Sowa
  • Sanskrit Name : Ahichhtra, Shatapushpa
  • Hindi Name : Sotopha, Sowa, Soya
  • Family : Apiaceae
  • Propagation : Through seeds which germinates in 8 days after sowing with 32% germination

Medicinal Uses :
  • Seed : Seed oil is well known remedy for flatulence in children and enters in to preparation of gripe water.