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Green Manure Seeds

The value of green manure was recognized by farmers in India for thousands of years, as mentioned in treatises like Vrikshayurveda. Traditionally, the incorporation of green manure into the soil is known as the fallow cycle of crop rotation, which was used to allow the soil to regain its fertility after the harvest. In agriculture, green manure is created by leaving uprooted or sown crop parts to wither on a field so that they serve as a mulch and soil amendment.[1] The plants used for green manure are often cover crops grown primarily for this purpose. Typically, they are ploughed under and incorporated into the soil while green or shortly after flowering. Green manure is commonly associated with organic farming and can play an important role in sustainable annual cropping systems. Incorporation of green manure crops into the soil allows the nutrients held within the green manure to be released and made available to the succeeding crops. This results immediately from an increase in abundance of soil microorganisms from the degradation of plant material that aid in the decomposition of this fresh material. This additional decomposition also allows for the re-incorporation of nutrients that are found in the soil in a particular form such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

  • Sesbania Seeds (Sesbnia Aculata)
  • Sunn Hemp Seeds (Crotoleria Juncia)

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Sesbania Seeds (Sesbnia Aculata)

Detail :

  • Common Name : Dhaincha
  • Botnical Name : Sesbnia Aculata
  • English Name : Sesbina Seeds.


We are engaged in offering a wide variety of 100% certified Organic


Sunn Hemp Seeds (Crotoleria Juncia)

Detail :

  • Common Name : Sunbeeja
  • Botnical Name : Crotoleria Juncia
  • English Name : Sunhemp Seeds.


Available with us is a comprehensive assortment of 100% certified


Dolichos Lablab Seeds (Lablab Purpureus)

Details :

  • Trade Name : lablab beans
  • English : Dolichos lablab
  • Botanical name : Lablab purpureus.


Lablab purpureus is a species of bean in the family Fabaceae. it is cultivated throughout